Trauma to Triumph

The Safe Spaces Theatre Arts Workshop Residency is offered for 8 hours or for a 4-6 week time period.  Participants will share stories and develop these stories into monologues, which will be performed at the close of the residency.  Participants will also create visual art narratives which will be used as the set for the performance.  The components of the Safe Spaces Theatre Arts Residency include the following: forum discussion, dynamization/body sculpting of trauma and triumph, visual art, creative movement/dance, creative visioning & writing, and performance techniques. The Safe Spaces Theatre Arts Workshop Residency includes the following components:

– Introductions and Collective Agreements

– Guided Meditation (locating trauma and initiating a healing of that space)

– Group discussion about the performance

– Dynamization/Body Sculpting Bodily Trauma in Story Groups (based on Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed techniques)

– Group discussion of Dynamization/Body Sculpting

– Visual Art as Transformation and Healing using Body Collage, Mask-Making and/or Flags

– Group discussion about the process of visual art making

– Returning to the body through movement and music

– Dynamization/Body Sculpting Transformation and Healing

– Story Group discussions of Dynamization of Transformation and Healing

– Individual Writing of short monologues/short stories/poems

– Rehearsals for performance

– Final performance and visual art installation

– Anthology of written work


Safe Spaces Program Design Options:

Safe Spaces – Design & Dance It Out
Safe Spaces – The Soul’s Mask (mask-making)
Safe Spaces Performance Art Workshop Residency – from Trauma to Triumph