Safe Spaces – Design & Dance It Out

Design and Dance workshopFor this Safe Spaces residency, workshop participants will re-discover body awareness on their own terms through guided creative movement, facilitated by a professional dancer.  The creative movement techniques shared during this workshop will focus on breathing, flexibility, and rhythmic dance, utilizing an African dance fusion technique.  Participants do not need any formal dance training to participate in this workshop.  Following the first portion of the creative movement aspect of the workshop, workshop participants will further celebrate their bodies, self expression, and beauty through a body painting session, high-lighting spaces on the body with visual symbols, designs and colors that reclaim and reinforce personal ideas of affirmation. After body painting, participants will return to creative movement, learning a collective dance which will be performed as a group with the guidance of the creative movement workshop facilitator.  Our goal for this workshop is to provide creative breathing, creative movement and dance techniques which will increase body awareness and fitness, and to encourage creative self expression through body painting.

Design and Dance workshop



Safe Spaces Program Design Options:

Safe Spaces – Design & Dance It Out
Safe Spaces – The Soul’s Mask (mask-making)
Safe Spaces Performance Art Workshop Residency – from Trauma to Triumph