The Safe Spaces Workshop is designed to provide women survivors of violence with tools of creative expression to help them transform trauma into healing and liberation. Through this workshop, participants are encouraged to express their own sacred, magical selves, using cultural art techniques that can be revisited long after participation in the workshop.  We consider these techniques tools for holistic wellness and freedom.  When we are encouraged to speak and perform our truths without censure, we are reclaiming our own voices & bodies from the oppressive force of violence; we are living our truths.  This is freedom; it is necessary for our growth, healing, and empowerment.


The Safe Spaces workshop defines “trauma” as any disruptive experience to the individual or community through which physical and/or emotional safety is jeopardized or lost.  The Safe Spaces Workshops encourage workshop participants to envision their individual and communal spaces as recovered safe space on their own terms through artistic creation and performance. Using story-circles, creative visioning, body awareness, theatre, writing, movement, and visual arts techniques, workshop participants will develop monologues of transformation and healing performed inside collectively designed and created installations.


All Safe Spaces workshops include the construction of an ancestral shrine.  Workshop participants are asked to open and close each workshop by giving praise and recognition to our ancestors, because we believe that our protections are greatest when we remember that many walked before us; we do not walk alone.  And therefore, we ask our ancestors to be with us on our journeys toward holistic liberation and transformation through creative expression.  Workshop participants and facilitators have the option of verbally or silently dedicating their experience in the workshop to one or more of our ancestors.


Safe Spaces Program Design Options:

Safe Spaces – Design & Dance It Out
Safe Spaces – The Soul’s Mask (mask-making)
Safe Spaces Performance Art Workshop Residency – from Trauma to Triumph