About Ocean Ana Rising

Mission: Ocean Ana Rising strives for the holistic healing of women of color through innovative truth-telling methods such as live theatrical performance, film & digital media projects, and community arts workshops.

Vision: Ocean Ana Rising envisions  1. the increased exposure to and creation of women’s cultural art, which will strengthen women’s perception of self and community, resulting in empowered living, 2. a world where women are no longer physically endangered, 3. holistic mental and emotional well-being, and 4. sustained civic action through cultural art-making and community partnerships.  We understand that our greatest tool for liberation is born out of our diverse and collective voices and stories.  We are committed to a nurturing global climate for women so that our artistic expressions are sustained in the spirit of freedom.  We create bridges where there were once boundaries while generating hope and possibility through art and performance for audiences world-wide.

Ocean Ana Rising, a non profit 501c3 organization, was founded out of an urgent need to tell women’s stories.  We are dedicated to healing and nurturing our community through art with a specific emphasis on performance.  We are committed to cultivating greater love of self and community through artistic expression shared with the public and providing a forum for dialogue and exchange.  It is only when we are able to share our life experience that we can move beyond division and isolation toward the healing powers of love.